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Drawn to the Water

A musical retelling of the Moses story, in modern day corporate America.

Behind the scenes look at recording Drawn to the Water.

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The Dinner

On October 16th, 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to dine with him at the White House.

“It was just a simple dinner,” is far from the truth of Darryl Reuben Hall’s “The Dinner,” a fiercely accurate drama involving race equality, the birth of white privilege, and media brutality in our nation. This play, given life thanks to the money- sharing Kickstarter, is a post-Civil War piece that tells the story of Booker T. Washington’s journey of becoming the first African American to dine at the White House.

"The Dinner comes at a time when the nation is facing headlines of police brutality, the confederate flag, and re-evaluating race. This piece invokes deep thinking and a well needed, important conversation on race in America. With many historical shows making their way to the Broadway stage, such as “Hamilton” and “Amazing Grace”, “The Dinner” could potentially fit into this trend, and shine" - David Roberts

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Where boys become men.

“Frat House” had sessions of laughter, tears, stomping to the beat of a distant drummer, and a lot of “shaking your groove thang” going on.

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