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original Works
The Aurora Program for New Musicals:
Highlighting our commitment to new music and
artist development opportunities.

Original works history


  • Queens Harlem Renaissance- Darryl Reuben Hall

- A Mothers Day Production


  • A Virtuous Woman

  • Dinner with booker t. by Darryl Reuben Hall

- Presented at Mad Cow Theatre in Orlando, FL​


  • A Merry Motown Christmas - Amelia Musical Playhouse 

  • Harlem of the South by Darryl Reuben Hall 

  • Drawn from the Water by Darryl Reuben Hall


  • Darryl Reuben Hall’s Frat House

  -Presented at Amelia Musical Playhouse in Fernandina Beach, FL.


  • The Dinner by Darryl Reuben Hall

-AEA agreement. Presented in the Midtown International Theatre Festival in Manhattan.

  • Dee Quaranta's Shouts of Triumph: A Freedom Song

-an evening of narratives and African-American hymns and dance. Featured in the Aurora Jacksonville Black Arts Festival.


  • Darryl Reuben Hall’s Frat House

-Winner of (2) Festival Favorite Awards including ‘Best Playwright’ at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival.

  • Great Men of Gospel by Elizabeth Van Dyke

-Society of Directors and Choreographers contract

  • Reflections on Memories Lost

-in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, based on Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Roumel Reaux’s Sinner Man

-One-Act play inspired by Benny Andrews’ painting entitled "Sinner Man" presented in partnership with MOCA Jacksonville

  • Apostasy: 360 Degrees by Noble Lee Lester

-based on the denials of a young male.

  • Reality Check

-with a cast of Special Need actors; In a world of reality television, what’s real and what’s more important?!


  • Friends: James, Mary, and George 

  • Song and Dance,

-original children’s work 

  • Field Trip: Safari

Dinner with Booker T. 

You’re invited to dinner! On the 16th of October 1901, Booker T. Washington became the first Negro to dine at the White House. Multiple characters are portrayed in this solo show (with song and dance) in which Mr. Washington recalls the joys and racial aftermath of this infamous dinner.


Stage Aurora’s “DINNER WITH BOOKER T.” was converted into a one-man show based on its original work, THE DINNER, which debuted at the Midtown International Theatre Festival 2015 in New York City to rave reviews: “... a fiercely accurate drama involving race equality... a moving piece of theatre”. –Theatre Reviews LTD.

The goal of the work is to reeducate society on a past American history of the hatred that spread due to the simple act of a ‘Negro’ dining at the White House with the President. In an age where Equality and Black Lives Matter remain headline news, DINNER with BOOKER T. is a reminder of a lifestyle and behavior that needs not to be repeated. Let’s learn from the past in order to move forward.

Frat House

FRAT HOUSE, a modern-day ‘Prodigal Son’ comedic musical, tells the story of Thomas, the son of a Pastor, who leaves home to attend college and joins a fraternity against his father’s advice. This award-winning production features Gospel music, Dance, Rap, and a ton of laughter packed with a powerful message!

FRAT HOUSE is the recipient of 2 Festival Favorite Awards at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival including Festival Favorite Playwright. Filled with high –kickin‘, steppin’, soul –shakin' music, and a 70’s FRATERNITY house party, FRAT HOUSE will make you laugh, cry, and shake your groove thang!


DRAWN FROM THE WATER Rent Party Postcard.jpg

DRAWN FROM THE WATER, a vibrant and eclectic Gospel musical based on the story of
Moses as told in the Book of Exodus. It challenges us as a people to explore our differences in culture, social class, slavery in today’s workforce, and to better
understand God’s love for ALL in the midst of turmoil and faith. There’s nothing new under the sun. Its story is old but as potent in meaning for today’s world.

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